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Tarmac repairs

Tarmac has been used on a wide variety of residential  and commercial properties in London. As one of the easiest surfaces to lay as well as one of the cheapest it is no surprise to see it in every town and village.

The downside of using tarmac is that it does tend to deteriorate quite quickly. It dries out due to exposure to sunlight and may crack up in places if it is not laid on a solid base. Most people think that having the tarmac re-laid is the only option once this starts to happen. 

However, this is not the case as tarmac coating is now becoming very popular. Instead of having to dig a tarmac drive up and having it re-laid, it can now be coated using an advanced tarmac coating material such as Tarmaseal, supplied by Smartseal. Tarmaseal will restore any lost polymers to the tarmac, re-colour the surface and make it look like it was recently laid. This process is a far cheaper option than re-laying the tarmac.

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